Program Thursday 13:10-14:25

5A KAUPAPA MAORI Symposium | Ballroom A

Symposium Lead: Nina Scott, Waikato District Health Board

5A.1 13:10 | Kaupapa Māori - research reforming health service: The Harti exemplar. Symposium Lead: Nina Scott, Waikato District Health Board, New Zealand. Presenters: Nina Scott, Polly Atatoa-Carr, Amy Jones, Waikato District Health Board; Rebekah Graham, Bridgette Masters-Awatere, University of Waikato, New Zealand

5B Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacists Session Room: Ballroom B

5C REGISTRY SCIENCE Symposium Room: Regatta D

Symposium Lead: John McNeil

5C.1 13:10 | Developments in registry science. John McNeil, Monash University, Australia. Presenters: John McNeil, Susan Evans, Arul Ernst, Monash University, Australia


Symposium Lead: Rachael Moorin

5D.1 13:10 | Does continuity of primary care reduce potentially preventable hospital admissions? Symposium Lead: Rachael Moorin, Curtin University, Australia. Presenters: David Youens, Rachael Moorin, Cameron Wright, Ninh Ha, Curtin University Australia

5E Cancer Services Room: Gallery 1

Chair: Khic Prang

5E.2 13:25 | Preferences for anxiety and depression screening in cancer care - A discrete choice experiment. Jackie Yim, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, UTS Australia

5E.4 13:55 | Timeliness of Treatment for Different Cancer Types in New Zealand. Rob McNeill, University of Auckland New Zealand

5E.5 14:10 | Inequalities in the Timeliness of Treatment of Cancer Patients in New Zealand. Simona D'Silva, University of Auckland New Zealand

5F Advances in HSR Methods Room: Gallery 2

Chair: Robin Gauld

5F.2 13:25 | Creating Synergies for Effective Co-Produced Research:A Realist Review. Anita Kothari, Western University Canada

5F.3 13:40 | The role of radio in health research: A scoping Review. Moneca Sinclaire, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba Canada

5F.4 13:55 | Comparability of online out-of-pocket tools from Australian private health funds. Kelsey Chalmers, The University of Sydney Australia

5F.5 14:10 | Are scenarios useful for understanding processes of change in the health sector? Lesley Middleton, Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand


Symposium Chair: Carly Dyer

5G.1 13:10 | Disruptive Innovations: Success stories from the Integrated Care Innovation Fund. Symposium Chair: Carly Dyer, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Presenters: Nicole White, Robin Blythe, Hannah Cater, David Brain , Australian Centre for Health Services InnovationQueensland University of Technology, Australia

5H Long Term Conditions Room: Regatta C

Chair: Margaret Kelaher

5H.1 13:10 | Mana Tū: A whānau ora approach to long term conditions. Matire Harwood, University of Auckland New Zealand

5H.2 13:25| Is Assisted Peritoneal dialysis a solution for northern Manitoba? Josée G. Lavoie, University of Manitoba Canada

5H.4 13:55 | Understanding barriers and facilitators to engagement in a multi-disciplinary service for childhood obesity. Cervantée Wild, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland / Taranaki District Health Board New Zealand