Symposia are listed in alpha order of title with the corresponding author listed. Click on the link to view the abstract and all presenting authors.

134 Culturally safe health care for Indigenous women and families
Ms Anna Adcock, Centre for Women's Health Research
indigenous health, cultural safety, maternity, neonatal, wrap-around care

127 Demonstrating the value of enduring integrated data assets in health services research
A/Prof Claire Vajdic, University of New South Wales
data linkage; value; governance; policy; health services research

105 Development of a needs-based planning model for mental health services in Australia: the National Mental Health Service Planning Framework
Ms Sandra Diminic, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research
mental health; service planning; Australia

131 Developments in registry science
Prof John McNeil, Monash University
registry, research, quality

135 Disruptive Innovations: Success stories from the Integrated Care Innovation Fund
Carly Dyer, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
integrated care; implementation science; health service innovations; multi-disciplinary teams; gp engagement; clinical outcomes

101 Does continuity of primary care reduce potentially preventable hospital admissions?
Ass Professor Rachael Moorin, Curtin University
primary care; continuity of care; potentially preventable hospitalisations; chronic conditions

104 Establishing an Effective Research Partnership Between a University and a Local Health District
A/Professor Judy Mullan, Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population, University of Wollongong

113 Evaluation of the impact of HealthPathways on the design and integration of health services in Sydney Local Health District
Dr Sarah Norris, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney
healthpathways; integrated care; service redesign; referral

136 From Startup to Sustainability: Insights from 23 integrated care initiatives
Carly Dyer, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
implementation science; sustainability; health service evaluation; integrated care; information technology; gp engagement

109 Fundamentals of care: a framework to achieve equity in healthcare
Dr Tiffany Conroy, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University
fundamentals of care; healthcare inequalities; indigenous health; therapeutic relationships

130 Genomic medicine has arrived: are health service researchers ready to evaluate it?
A/Prof Louisa Gordon, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
genomics; value; economic evaluation, discrete choice experiment, patient experiences

125 How can pharmacy services in New Zealand contribute to achieving health equity?
Dr Janet McDonald, Victoria University of Wellington
pharmacy; pharmacy services; equity; user charges; prescribing; unfunded services; m?ori; pacific people

106 Improving access and equity by reducing waiting time in community-based outpatient services: an evidence-based approach
Dr Katherine Harding, Eastern Health
access; equity; waiting lists; community services

132 Influencing systems change to tackle childhood obesity: implementing a co-designed and culturally-tailored research program
Ms Jessica Hardt, Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
childhood obesity; prevention; co-design; research; evaluation

124 Integrated services to improve the health of Pacific peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand
Racheal Fleming, Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington
integrated services; integrated care; pacific peoples; realist research

128 Kaupapa Māori - research reforming health service: The Harti exemplar
Dr Bridgette Masters-Awatere, Maori & Psychology Research Unit
Kaupapa Māori research, paediatric care, Whanau health

118 Leveraging electronic data sources to monitor the quality and outcomes of aged care services
Dr Magda Raban, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University
medication; electronic records; quality and safety; monitoring

119 Local health services evaluation and decision-making: a framework and applied studies
Prof Jonathan Karnon, Flinders University
local health services; evaluation; decision-making

121 Making an impact: Using integrated knowledge translation to build KT plans
Professor Anita Kothari, Western University
knowledge translation, integrated knowledge translation, collaborative research, dissemination

114 Opportunities for studying a community population of Australian seniors
Prof Jane Banaszak-Holl, Monash University
aged care; seniors; acute care episodes; community population

107 Primary care - shaken not stirred, with a twist of technology
Dr Alesha Smith, University of Otago
primary healthcare; inequities; health technology; quality use of medicine; new models of care

120 Prioritising health care - how to integrate differing public views
Professor Rachel Baker Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK.
prioritising health care; equity; health economics; public involvement

133 The potential of pharmacists to improve health outcomes & reduce inequities in Aotearoa
Dr Trudi Aspden, School of Pharmacy
pharmacists; healthcare services; health equity; health services accessibility; pharmaceutical services

112 Use of big data and data linkage for health services research: feasibility, challenges and opportunities
Dr Nadine Andrew, Monash University
data linkage; big data; chronic disease; cardiovascular disease; stroke; healthcare evaluation

129 Using health data to effect positive improvements in Māori health outcome
Dr Amohia Boulton, Whakauae Research Services
Māori; indigenous; data; district health board; transformation; collaboration

122 What truly matters to patients? Improving the measurement of patient reported outcomes in clinical quality registries Dr Darshini Ayton, Monash University
patient reported outcome measures; clinical quality registries; health services; composite measures

110 Women healing living the good life' Indigenous Women Defining and Directing a New Paradigm for HIV Health Policy and Services in Manitoba, Canada
Dr. Sharon Bruce,University of Manitoba
Indigenous women; canada; hiv; health policy; health services