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9th Health Services and Policy Research Conference

Presenters Instructions

Check Your Presentation Day, Session, Room and Time

We strongly suggest you check the program regularly. Changes to the program scheduling may be necessary as a result of any withdrawals.

On Arrival at the Conference

Presenters are requested to report to the registration desk on arrival. You will then be directed to the speaker preparation room where your presentation will be downloaded and verified. If you have a MAC or special presentation requirements please see the technical operators in the speaker preparation room for assistance. Please meet with your session chairperson in the session room 10-15 minutes prior to the commencement of the session. If at all possible, please check-in your presentation material well before your presentation.

Preliminary Speaker Support Times

The speaker preparation room will be open:
Monday 7 December 7.30am – 5.00pm;
Tuesday 8 December 7.30am – 5.00pm;
Wednesday 9 December 7.30am – 11.00am

Do not attempt to load your presentation to the computer in the session room.

Session Room Equipment

All session rooms will be equipped with a data projector, a laptop loaded with MS Office suitable for PowerPoint, microphone and Internet. If you require additional equipment, please advise this office before Friday 20 November 2015. The provision of additional equipment is at the discretion of the Organising Committee. Wireless Internet access will be available in all of the conference rooms, foyers and trade area from Monday 7 December – Wednesday 9 December. Access codes will be available from the Conference Registration Desk on arrival.

Powerpoint Session Slides

All Melbourne Convention Centre rooms are equipped with 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen) data projectors, projection screens, plasma displays and LCD preview monitors. To ensure PowerPoint presentations fill the entire screen, please alter the page setup as pictured below prior to preparing presentations.

PPTPresentations prepared in 4:3 aspect ratio will still be displayed on the screen unaltered. However, they will not fill the entire screen.

Electrical Equipment Test & Tag

test and tagIf you are bringing your own laptop, iPad, tablet, smart phone etc please be aware that the Melbourne Convention Centre (MCC) requires all electrical equipment to be tested and tagged before plugging in to any power sources in the MCC. This is standard procedure to comply with Australian OHWS legislative obligations.

Compliant equipment must be fitted with a tag showing the test, inspection or maintenance date. Example picture (right)

Respect Your Timing Allocation and Allow for Questions

It is essential to the smooth running of the conference program that everyone keeps to time. We have a very full program and many delegates will wish to move from one room to another within a single session.


postersPosterboards will be located in the main catering area and adjoining session rooms accessible to delegates throughout the Conference.

The recommended poster size is A0 portrait style 841mm wide by 1189mm high - please ensure your poster does not exceed 841mm wide. Poster boards are Velcro compatible. Posters can be set up from 7.30am Monday 7 December until 10.30am and must be removed after 11.00am and before 2.00pm Wednesday 9 December 2015.