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9th Health Services and Policy Research Conference

Call for Abstracts


Abstracts are now invited for the 9th Health Services and Policy Research Conference 7-9 December 2015. The deadline for abstract submission is Monday 13 July 2015.

If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration, please follow the submission form links below. Potential presenters should note all costs to attend the conference must be met from their own resources.

The 2015 Conference theme is From data to delivery: Connecting research, policy and practice for better health outcomes.

Key subthemes

Key subthemes which we would like to particularly encourage abstract submissions on are:

To assist in allocating abstracts to reviewers and to conference sessions, you will be asked to select a category which best describes your presentation.

The Review Process

Abstracts will be assessed for quality and also fit with the conference themes. The scientific committee reserves the right to limit acceptance to one abstract per presenting author or team, to support a varied and balanced programme. Oral presentations will be 10 minutes plus 5 minutes question and answer.

Presentation Options

You will requested to nominate one of three presentation platforms at the time of submission.


This presentation type offers an opportunity for you and colleagues to present your work on a specific topic of interest. The 90 minutes allocated to these sessions allow a chance to present a substantial body of research findings, incorporating debate and discussion on key issues. If you would like a group of papers to be considered for a symposium on a particular topic area, the process for submitting a request is as follows:

  1. The Symposium Leader submits an abstract for the overall session
  2. The Symposium Leader will be required to list the names of nominated presenters and the titles of their individual contributions in an "additional information" field
  3. In addition, each person nominated to present in the Symposium will need to submit an individual concurrent paper abstract

The Scientific Committee will consider these papers for an individual concurrent presentation if the Symposium is not included in the programme.

Early Career Researchers Competition.

There will be an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to present a snapshot of their research in 3 minute presentation competition. Entry to the competition may be in addition to other oral presentation or poster submissions.

Click this link for further information about the Competition and the Emerging Researchers Group (ERGO).


How to Submit an Abstract

To be selected to present you are required to submit an abstract via the website. All abstracts must be submitted electronically.

Prepare your abstract according to the submission guidelines and click the Submit Abstract button below.

You will be requested to complete an online form and upload your abstract as a MS Word .doc or .docx file.

EasyAbstracts will automatically append an ID number to your file name for identification.

CLOSED abstract button CLOSED

How will I know that I have successfully uploaded my abstract?

Submitting an abstract involves two steps. Completion of the submission form and the upload of the abstract. Advice that your submission and file upload have been successful, will appear on your screen as "Your submission was saved successfully" and "The file was successfully uploaded". You will also receive a confirmation email.

blue arrow Download EasyAbstracts user guide including how to amend or withdraw your submission.

If you have questions or are unable to use the online submission system please email the Conference Manager.


  1. Abstracts must be structured with the following headings: Objective – Methods - Lessons Learned - Implications
  2. Abstracts are limited to 250 words [excluding title, authors and institutional affiliations] and must be submitted in MS Word.doc format.
  3. All margins are to be 2.5 cm.
  4. One line space must be left between the abstract title, authors name(s) and affiliation(s).
  5. The abstract title should be left justified on the page in bold and lower case in Arial 12-point font. No abbreviations are to be used in the title.
  6. Authors names to be left justified under the title in the following format: First name, last (family) name e.g. Chris Smith (not Dr Chris Smith). The name of the presenting author(s) must be underlined. Authors names must be in Arial 10-point font and not bolded
  7. Affiliated institution(s) are to be left justified. Institutional affiliations should be indicated with superscript numbers following the author name. Do not include state and country. Affiliations must be in Arial 10-point font and not bolded.
  8. The abstract text must be in Arial 10-point font. Do not justify text.
  9. Headings. Objective, Methods, Lessons Learned, Implications, must be in Arial 10-point font, lower case and bold. One line space must be left between the end of each section and the next heading.

Download formatting instructions and sample abstract

abstract example



We are pleased to announce that the HSRAANZ and the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) is offering a number of scholarships to assist accepted presenters to attend the Conference.

APHCRI are sponsoring 5 scholarships for primary care researchers. HSRAANZ will be supporting researchers in other areas, with preference given to:

arrowDownload APHCRI scholarship application form

arrow Download HSRAANZ scholarship application form

Copyright Statement

The author/s reserve/s all propriety rights such as patent rights. The author/s retain the right to use all or part of this presentation in future works of their own, such as lectures, press releases, reviews or textbooks. The presenting author is responsible for obtaining evidence of copyright clearance/authority on any items subject to copyright, which are included in this presentation. All accepted presentations will be reproduced in the Conference Handbook and/or on the Conference website.