Call for Papers

The call for abstracts has closed.

Abstracts are now invited for the 7th Health Services and Policy Research Conference 5-7 December 2011. The deadline for abstract submission is 10 July 2011.

The 2011 Conference theme is ‘Opportunities for health services research: to inform, improve, and inspire’, reflecting the potential roles of Health Services Research and its influence on health service policy and practice in Australia and New Zealand. We strive to inform priority areas for action and change, to improve existing modes of policy and practice, and to inspire belief and optimism that our health care systems can be organised to provide population-based health care in an equitable and efficient manner.


Call for abstracts closes: 10 July 2011

Earlybird registration closes September 2011

Copyright Statement

The author/s reserve/s all propriety rights such as patent rights. The author/s retain the right to use all or part of this presentation in future works of their own, such as lectures, press releases, reviews or textbooks. The presenting author is responsible for obtaining evidence of copyright clearance/authority on any items subject to copyright, which are included in this presentation. All accepted presentations will be reproduced in the Conference Handbook and/or on the Conference website.


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